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On some level art should be a call to action. For much of my own work the action that I hope the viewer will take seems–but is not actually–simple: Pay attention, observe. Always, everyday, everywhere. But for the work on the page I hope that the viewer will be prompted both the observe and to act in the role of responsible citizen of the nation, the world, and the human family.

Following Ice
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In the Works

Tick Tock

Later this month I will learn the status of a grant that would help me move forward with Tick Tock, a major installation on global warming. If the grant is not selected for funding I will seek support through Kickstarter–and will let you know when I do.

Above is the main image (both halves of which were shot on federal land: The Medicine Bow National Forest and Yellowstone National Park) in a large installation that I am working on to ask us consider what happens when geologic time speeds up to the pace of human action. I will present the image as a loop resting on a pinnacled stand so that the loop is slightly off level and at eye level or slightly above. A motor will rotate the loop at a pace slow enough to be noticed only on extended observation. A slow clicking sound will accompany the rotation, suggesting to the observer that something is happening that may require our time and our attention. I will be collaborating with a noted local sculptor, who will be creating the base.

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