The component images in my Intersections installation are all multi-layer photographs, the digital equivalent of traditional multiple exposure photographs. The installation is exhibited in a way that permits viewers to move and reorder the presentation to reveal the connections they make–and then to email me a shot of their recuration for web posting.

Each of the Intersections works layers three locations into a single presence. All of them begin with the same image at its base. This serves as a lateral roadway connecting each work, and the series is best viewed when displayed as a single presentation of the images as a structured group. The series rises conceptually from questioning where a place ceases to be part of another place and becomes separate–and the implications of that separation (and, in parallel, where a photograph ceases to be photography). 

Click on any image to enter gallery mode.

Special thanks to the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, whose artist in residence program provided the time and focus for me to develop Intersections.

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