New Work, August, 2020

Five Orangerie Skylights
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
31 x 43, edition of 7
Moses Waits and Dreams
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
43 x 31, edition of 7
Anthropocene Studies #2
Archival pigment print on photo paper.
Layers include two photographic images, a relief and embossment print onto photographic image, and a photograph of an intaglio and embossment print on crumpled glassine.
44 x 30 (unframed), edition of 7

Newest Works, July 2020

I am continuing a productive stretch but wish that I could be completing physical prints of my new work, something that is out of bounds for me until the quality facilities I need are again open to me. Still, I am pleased to preview the following for you. Click on any image to open in image viewer.

Still Life on Cactus
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print. All layers shot at Les Grandes Serres, the fine botanical conservatory at Les Jardins des Plantes in Paris.
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New Works from May and June

Silence. Life within the new, close boundaries that COVID has set for us is quieter in all sorts of ways. Less traffic noise, more birdsong. Fewer live voices. But as May and June have shown us, the times are begging for our voices to be heard. At my age COVID makes makes joining together physically too risky. So I have struggled to put my voice of anger and of promise and of unity and of freedom into my work. But that work needs to be seen for the voice be heard. So I thank you for listening to the following.

Democracy Dies Before Our Very Eyes
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
44 x 30 (unframed), edition of 4
Passage to Eden
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print (including a photographed monotype)
24 x 24 (unframed), edition of 8
Places of Worship Remembered, May, 2020
Archival pigment print
22″ x 60″ (framed), edition of 6

New Work for the New Year

2020 is off to a productive start, with three new works in the first three weeks. They continue a project started late last year that examines the meaning of home–including the related topics of homelessness and immigration.

The Great Divide
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
© 2020 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.
Under the Overpass
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
Scroll, 67 x 24
© 2020 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
© 2020 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Fall 2019 News

Save the Date:

December 7-8, 11 am – 5 pm
Open House and Art Show and Sale

Living Room
© 2019 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Come help celebrate an incredibly successful year, which included two solo exhibitions, one group exhibition, five juried exhibitions, and four publications–and more than two dozen new works. This is both a social event and an opportunity to view my work. So please do stop by regardless of whether or not you are shopping for art at this time.

2701 NE 62nd Street, Seattle
House is on SE corner of 27th Ave NE and NE 62nd St, about a dozen blocks north of University Village.
USE ENTRANCE ON 27th Ave NE. Other door is for separate apartment.

Tick Tock Project Now on Kickstarter

I’ve decided to go the Kickstarter route for Tick Tock, a project on global warming that I’ve been thinking about for more than a year. Please visit the project page and consider sharing it, supporting the project, or both. I’d love to hear your feedback.
Study for Tick Tock
© 2018 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.

The Architecture of Memory

I am focused right now creating new work to submit for consideration for a high profile exhibition in Sweden on the architecture of memory. I like the general challenge of confronting an externally specified topic in my work, as I did last year for Fossil Fuel, which the City of Seattle purchased for its collection. Here are some photographic works that I expect to submit to exhibit in Sweden. All are works in progress but are probably close to their final forms.

Generational Memory
The Organic Half Life of Memory
The Curation of Memory
The Wedding of Memory

In the Works

Tick Tock
Click to enlarge
© 2018 Neil Berkowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Later this month I will learn the status of a grant that would help me move forward with Tick Tock, a major installation on global warming. If the grant is not selected for funding I will seek support through Kickstarter–and will let you know when I do.

Above is the main image (both halves of which were shot on federal land: The Medicine Bow National Forest and Yellowstone National Park) in a large installation that I am working on to ask us consider what happens when geologic time speeds up to the pace of human action. I will present the image as a loop resting on a pinnacled stand so that the loop is slightly off level and at eye level or slightly above. A motor will rotate the loop at a pace slow enough to be noticed only on extended observation. A slow clicking sound will accompany the rotation, suggesting to the observer that something is happening that may require our time and our attention. I will be collaborating with a noted local sculptor, who will be creating the base.

“Americans” Show Opens Friday

Americans, an exhibition presenting the diversity of the American people through photographs made since the last presidential election opens September 6 at the Rankin Arts Photography Center at Columbus State College in Columbus, Georgia. I have two works, below, in the show, which closes September 27.

The Well
The Next Dance