Portfolios and Series

Welcome. While my website offers some background on me and on how to see and perhaps purchase my work and provides ways for us to communicate it is the work itself that is the heart of the site. The work is organized into galleries based on projects or series.

To view my work select a portfolio from the submenu of the Portfolios and Series menu. Once that portfolio opens click any image to open the gallery, where you can navigate between large images, run a slide show, search, or view more detailed information.

Enjoy–and please share comments and questions.

Something to Think About

I’m reserving this spot for some changing external content about art and life.

Since one of my artistic interests is in closing the gap between what digital technology sees and what we, its supposed masters, see. But this talk is just a starting point, an acknowledgment of difference, and it doesn’t get as far as considering the framing, isolation, and confinement that cameras utilize and that we are rarely able to do on our own.

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