New Works from May and June

Silence. Life within the new, close boundaries that COVID has set for us is quieter in all sorts of ways. Less traffic noise, more birdsong. Fewer live voices. But as May and June have shown us, the times are begging for our voices to be heard. At my age COVID makes makes joining together physically too risky. So I have struggled to put my voice of anger and of promise and of unity and of freedom into my work. But that work needs to be seen for the voice be heard. So I thank you for listening to the following.

Democracy Dies Before Our Very Eyes
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print
44 x 30 (unframed), edition of 4
Passage to Eden
Multilayer photographic archival pigment print (including a photographed monotype)
24 x 24 (unframed), edition of 8
Places of Worship Remembered, May, 2020
Archival pigment print
22″ x 60″ (framed), edition of 6

2 thoughts on “New Works from May and June

  1. Ellen Clark says:

    Your photographs have so many layers to them, both literally and figuratively. They say so much…without any words at all.

    I love these new works. I feel the new quietness in all of them.

  2. Neil Berkowitz says:

    Ellen, so interesting. Quiet, as quiet, is part of two of the three. But in “Democracy Dies Before Our Very Eyes” quiet, as silence, bears part of the blame.

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